Dr Offit,

This is a gross display of professional negligence.

You assured your readers this DNA remains In The cytosol, yet any of your readers who have actually read our paper on the topic will have understood Dean et al which demonstrates the SV40 promoter has a nuclear targeting sequence which localizes to the nucleus in hours in all cell lines studied to date.

You also omitted any discussion of Drayman et al demonstrating the SV40 promoter sequence in the vaccine binds to the tumor suppressor gene p53. There are billions of copies of these in every dose. You deflect your your readers with billions of gram of DNA without discussing copy number of these DNAs? 10-100 billion copies of these SV40 promoters in every dose given.

You yourself stopped taking these jabs but continue to defend their use with illusions and misdirections like your article above.

Your readers would be wise to scrutinize your conflicts of interest in this field. They would get a more informed opinion with an AI chatbot.

AI isn’t going to take the blue collar jobs. It’s going wipe out the parasitic crony class first and you are clearly its first victim.

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"You also omitted any discussion of Drayman et al demonstrating the SV40 promoter sequence in the vaccine binds to the tumor suppressor gene p53."

Exactly! This explains the ballooning turbo cancers all over the world since the mrna vaccine push began.

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Guess that means....no you won't read the Drayman paper and see what it actually says.....

And no you won't do the basic math to see how the turbo cancers is just a lie.

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You're just a Pharma shill. Nobody is listening to your disinformation. Go away.

Far, far away.

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Oh look....more name-calling.

But you refused to read the Drayman paper and see the anti-vaccs are lying about it.

It is like you are trying to make a mockery of the anti-vaccs!

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Cheer up , anti -vaccer. Measles is on the way for you.

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Seriously....so your strategy is willful ignorance.

That is an acknowledgement that you know the anti-vaccs are liars.

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They are thank you.

And thank you for once again demonstrating that the anti-vaccs are completely immoral.

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YOU are the most immoral individual on this Substack, with the exception of the author.

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Oh sweetie....the folks that offer body part name-calling to support a fraud predicated on people being too stupid to count are immoral.

Can you really just not read or count well enough to see the facts?

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Thank for demonstrating that the anti-vaccs aren't smart enough to understand 5th grade math.

Please post everyday, as often as to can about vaccines!

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Says the person that whose only contribution is personal attacks.

BTW: the average 5th grader can explain why you are wrong.

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Dr Offit is a well paid liar for big pharama. Nothing he saids can be trusted.

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Oh dear....lacking a rational thought to offer...you have nothing but name-calling.

Thanks for the continued public service in demonstrating what the anti-vaccs really are....

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Oh sweetie..... Albus is just a fag.

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My apologies for the late reply.

I should have thanked you for publicly proving how completely immoral and utterly incapable of thought you are.

Please keep up the great work and post about vaccines as often as you can!

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Just came out of the closet?

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There you are, doubling down on immoral.

Cleary you are just trying to distract from how stupid the anti-vacc fraud is.

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Quite the font of misinformation: there is no intact DNA sequence for SV40 promoters or enhancers in the COVID mRNA vaccines, and no proteins are encoded by any of the residual small fragments of DNA in these vaccines and no evidence that the trace amounts of fragmented DNA found in these vaccines integrate into the recipients DNA. https://www.fda.gov/media/174875/download

These claims regarding the putative and unknown dangers of residual DNA fragments present in COVID mRNA vaccines are not only completely unsubstantiated, but they are all the more outrageous when one considers that trace levels of fragmented DNA are present not only in virtually all vaccines, regardless of their method of production, but in all biologics (recombinant drugs produced in cells), including insulin. This has been recognized by both biopharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies for decades. Moreover, methods for reducing both the overall levels of residual DNA and the size of the remaining fragments within acceptable limits are well established, and the regulatory requirements in this regard are applied to all biologics, including the COVID mRNA vaccines. To claim otherwise is evidence either of gross ignorance, or intentional deceit.

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Look at the denialism from the Jonestown jab jihadist.

Multiple researchers from around the world have replicated the SV40 promoter discovery.

DNA limits were 1000x lower in 1985 before the NCVIA act gave Pharma pimps like Offit a liability shield.

These vaccines package the DNA in lipid nano particles making prior limits irrelevant.

DNA has a 10minute half life when injected. When protected in a LNP we can detect it weeks to months later.

We can see Stan has cut and pasted Peter Marks psalms regarding ‘no protein coding’ DNA. This is also false. We’ve detected 3.5kb fragments with ONT. These encode entire antibiotic resistance genes.

The evidence that these are harmful should fall on jab jihadists that cheered on liability free mandates.

The data in VAERs is not on your side. You created a death cult and released the most lethal medicine ever unleashed on society… all while being arrogant and beyond ignorant when it comes to genomics.

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OK Stan I’ll give you the secret. Someone purposefully excluded it on the map they provided to the FDA. They physically would’ve had to have removed it from the map. Whoopie.

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"Someone purposefully excluded it on the map they provided to the FDA"

That would be illegal if the intent was to deceive.

I will let you in on the non-secret. None of the anti-vaccs will sue and make their claims under oath because they are liars.

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Suites are already filed Albus

Muting your rabid noise

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"Suites are already filed Albus"

You keep saying that, but you never give any examples.

Are you once again just making things up?

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Are you saying that the anti-vaccs are liars? Do you trust the health agencies with truth? Do you believe that a virus exists, and has been isolated? Please enlighten us all with your scientific evidence, site all the virology masters of the past 60 years. Circular arguments all. Doctors Bailey and Bailey in New Zeeland have destroyed the fraud called virology, with the scientific method, unlike what was used to prove this Unicorn exists.

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1. "Are you saying that the anti-vaccs are liars? "

I have clearly demonstrated that some are for profit liars.

2. "Do you trust the health agencies with truth? "

You don't need to do so. How did you miss that?

3. "Do you believe that a virus exists, and has been isolated? "

I know they do and that they are isolated every day buy many people all around the world.

4. "Please enlighten us all with your scientific evidence, site all the virology masters of the past 60 years."

You want 9+ years of education and 60 years of data in a text box. That is just silly.

5. "Circular arguments all. Doctors Bailey and Bailey in New Zeeland have destroyed the fraud called virology, with the scientific method, unlike what was used to prove this Unicorn exists."

Do mean Samantha Bailey?

The not a scientist that made money posting lots of BS?

Like offering references about covid virus...that were published before covid existed?

She can't even read the name of virus in papers correctly.

Is that who you mean?

Anyway....if you have a link to offer, I am happy to read it.

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When you stoop to ad hominem attacks coupled with repetition of unsubstantiated claims, it show you’ve really got nothing. This nonsense re. the dangers of residual DNA has been throughly and repeatedly debunked. https://factcheck.afp.com/doc.afp.com.33WW3U6

Can you provide evidence that substantiates a single specific claim you have made? For example, the presence of 3.5 kb fragments encoding entire antibiotic resistance genes?

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“Gross ignorance or intentional deceit” Stan wants to police as hominems:)

Fact-check.org is funded by Pfizer and makes the same mistakes as Dr. Offit.

Omits the nuclear localization.

Omits the p53 binding.

The ONT reads are public in our publication which has been replicated by other labs.

Do you even pipette Stan? Got any papers of your own sequencing these? I bet you don’t.

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well, that about covers it. Has he ever actually worked at the bench doing cell culture and transfection experiments? I have spent over a decade at the bench and in cell culture rooms testing thousands of cationic compounds and formulations for transfection activity, and have the patents and marketed compounds to prove it. Same problem with Peter Marks, MD, PhD, hematologist/oncologist and member of the NAS.

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"well, that about covers it. "

Indeed, we have the anti-vaccs offering name-calling but not reading or counting correctly.

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Offit for profit. Virology is a fraud. I find it interesting that all the health freedom fighters have not mentioned this fact. Dr. Peter McKullah stated to Dr. Sam Bailey that he has a photo of a virus, and yet has not seen fit to show this photo as proof. They all condemn the vaccine, but fail to admit the thing they all must know, and this is the fact that there is no virus.

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I agree...some folks sure are frauds!

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In what way is that AFP article (sponsored by pharma) a debunk? It literally restated that there is plasmid DNA in the products.

Please can you direct us to the FISH or equivalent definitive study showing that there was no nuclear transport of plasmid DNA in the preclinical studies performed for these products?

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"Please can you direct us to the FISH or equivalent definitive study showing that there was no nuclear transport of plasmid DNA in the preclinical studies performed for these products?"

That was very poor sophistry....fortunately only the most feeble-minded would fall for it.


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That's all you've got?

You: "The gene therapies are super safe and nothing can go wrong"

Me: "It has a bunch of nuclear localisation signals so it's pretty nailed on it will go to the nucleus and integrate"

You: "Nah pretty sure that doesn't happen conspiracy theorist REEEEEE"

Me: "No problem. Where's the FISH showing that you're right, because when you are introducing a novel gene therapy you need to do some basic safety evaluations"


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“Jab jihadists”?

Can’t you make a coherent argument without resorting to abuse/insults?

And VAERS? …seriously?

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Jihadists is being overly kind you historical buffoon.

At least in Jihad they spare women and children.

Unlike your decrepit cult that went after 6 month olds and pregnant women, all because you pissed your pants over a flu.

Mike, when you’re done with your outrage porn and safe spaces will you address the audience regarding why your poke priest Offit omitted the nuclear targeting sequences or the p53 interaction?

We have all the time in the world.

We can wait for your melted snowflake to get its act together and actually address the core argument you breezed over with your safe space smoke grenade.

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Omg you are a master of many things and taking down these amoebas while making people cry with laughter is one of them. Keep fighting the good fight. These people are vile and so pleased that they are being exposed for the cheap hookers that they are.

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Translation: no you won't read Anandamide's references and see what they actual say.

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"Mike, when you’re done with your outrage porn and safe spaces will you address the audience regarding why your poke priest Offit omitted the nuclear targeting sequences or the p53 interaction?"

Ok the anti-vacc fraud consists of lying and then lots of inflammatory language as a substitute for looking for the facts.

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Well done, a masterful example of delusional nonsense. Have a Harpic badge.

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Everyone on this thread can see that Mike won’t touch the SV40 nuclear targeting sequence published by Dean et al.

He won’t touch the p53 interaction disclosed by Drayman et al

Even if showered in pleasant bromides,

Mike will run away while blindly defending his poke priests overt omission of these material facts.

Drayman et al.


Dean et al.


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Johnstown Jab Jihadists


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So vaers was so adept and fine for decades as our ONLY system but now that even young ppl die suddenly and unexpectedly vaers suddenly isn't?? Then what exactly IS?? Consider yourself mercifully given another chance, 6-7 other life chances to thank the Lord if you’re truly up to date all boosted. Oh and be sure to run for your rsv jab too. Yes vaers! Oh and only tens of millions dead. The nations were deceived by their sorceries. Sorceries word study definitions mean pharmakeia, magic arts and spells. Pharmaceuticals and .. being captivated thus have trouble believing or understanding outside of what you’re constantly told by nudge tech, bribed and bought media, and blinded ‘leaders’. Be blessed with truth and set free. He waits mercifully, the only One Who saves.

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VAERS is only one of the vaccine surveillance systems in place, though the best known. You also have VSD, CISA, VA etc.

VAERS is purely passive and of high sensitivity so it picks up a lot of false positive reports. Think of it as a vaccine smoke alarm if you will.

If you bothered paying attention though, you’d have seen I was talking about myocarditis *from a VAERS analysis*

There are tens of millions dead, from Covid.

But the good Lord has graced science with the means to vaccinate against it, saving around 20 million lives. How blessed and merciful is that?

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If the jabs saved anyone covid deaths would go down after jabs came out, not way up. Oh and all causes have gone up too, just the worldwide hallmark of a failed experimental. You must expand your sources of info widely or you'll continue to parrot falseness… like our total propagandized media. Yes there really is evil and scheming. https://open.substack.com/pub/lionessofjudah/p/john-c-a-manley-its-beginning-to?r=wko4q&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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Yes and smoke alerts to fires. No not tens of millions dead of covid. Dead of cocktail IV sedation, remdesivir, neglect, illegal DNRs, overwhelming anxiety from propaganda, pay for play, lack of proper treatment, etc. The ‘vaccines’ saved none, disabled tens of millions and killed tens of millions and is still doing so. Offit stopped boosting, like hundreds of millions have because they saw their loved ones die or become disabled or they themselves were injured. Many finally found the deadly facts outside of pharma bribed msm and puppet gov. So he has to change the discussion now to distract. VA and DOD data is clear, it kills and disables. vaers is neglected and solid cases have been scrubbed. Bioweapon of nanoparticles and myriad other dangerous ingredients has been admitted by gov but all this distraction from mouthpieces to not speak of it. Over 1,400 dead in the first 4 months in Pfizer docs. So many know read them and know this. Man has fallen and corrupted science to line his pockets and end his neighbors. Happy researching. Peace.

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More name-calling.....

"DNA limits were 1000x lower in 1985 before the NCVIA act gave Pharma pimps like Offit a liability shield."

Actually the residual limits were changed by the WHO....then the EMA....and then FDA.

BTW: vaccines are NOT liability free....that is just an old and really stupid anti-vacc lie.

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I love this one Stan, because it shows just how naïve you are. If you’re referring to the FDA forms, you might want to throw that RNA sequence into something that can map it for you and put what’s there in really pretty beautiful color stuff so you can better understand. lol

If you’re a scientist, I would quit

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I bet you believe everything the government tells you lol. After they just shot you up with it.

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I bet you can't see the obvious error in your posting!

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Did you sequence it yourself?

OR, you j ow somebody who did?

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"This is a gross display of professional negligence."

Thanks for the irony.

Dean et al: nuclear transport required a 366 base pair sequence....but all the residual DNA fragments are less than 200 base pairs.


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The size distribution from ONT has 3.5kb reads in it. These reads are public but your intellectual lethargy prevents you from seeing them.

And Dean et al showed a 72bp SV40 enhancer is all that is required to bind transcription factors that localize to the nucleus.

Read more.

Bark less.

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Dec 20, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023

Keep on doing what you're doing because many people who blindly believed Offit (because of how he was pushed heavily by MSM as the only credible vaccine specialist at the height of the pandemic) and who unwittingly took the vaccines or were coerced into taking them, have the RIGHT to know about how nefarious they actually are.

And the more details emerge about the technical aspects of how they actually operate the better. God bless!

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"And Dean et al showed a 72bp SV40 enhancer is all that is required to bind transcription factors that localize to the nucleus."

They did NOT show that at all.....you are just flat making things up.

Don't worry....I am sure that none of your fans will care that once again you just fabricate claims.

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“Furthermore, we have demonstrated that portions of the 72 bp SV40 enhancer are required for the nuclear entry of plasmid DNA in all eukaryotic cells tested to date; plasmids not containing this sequence remain in the cytoplasm until cell division, whereas plasmids containing the enhancer migrate to the nucleus within several hours. “


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So, you don't care that Anandamide just keeps making things up.

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Thanks for the link....which looks really consistent with the earlier Dean paper referenced by Anandamide.

But what exactly does that have to do with the fact that nowhere in the Dean paper do they show any binding of transcriptional factors...there is nothing at all about that in Anandamide's paper.

Why doesn't it bother you that she/he just keeps making things up?

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"The size distribution from ONT has 3.5kb reads in it."

You should really take molecular biology 101 lab course and lean the basics.

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Anandamide's h-index is over 40.

Yours must be well over that to make that ridiculous comment. Can you share it with us?

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Don't waste your time. Albus and Mike s are the troll on Offitt stack. The former even pretends to be a medical professional. Just parasites.

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If the anti-vaccs would just offer something rational you wouldn't have to resort to personal attacks.......

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If that is true, why can't he get the most basic facts about his references correct?

And if you are Dr, why can't you see that his claims aren't even functionally literate?

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You're so far from your basement league it's funny. Read his substack and try to educate yourself. It's harder with a low IQ. But don't comapre yourself with an MD, that would sound like mike S the troll.

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Dec 19, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023

You really don’t know who you are writing about? Are you being facetious?

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He/IT is just here to spread fear and doubt.

Probably an AI chatbot.

No evidence it’s anything but a biobabble bickering subroutine.

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You just don't like having someone read your references.

The solution is for you to be truthful!

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He’s probably one of those new millennial scientists, who learned 50% activism and kind of sort of 50% of of the science. Good luck to the future folks.

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No offense to the good millennials and Z who get it

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I have no idea who she/he is.

I do know that his/her claims here have been remarkably scientifically illiterate.

And I do know that anyone with basic reading skills can see that he/she just makes things up.

I don't know why her/his supporters don't care that he is selling BS.

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LOL An incredible admission. Well, you just exposed your ignorance right there. That’s Kevin McKernan you dunderhead.

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Oh hey, Albus. Just popping in on the Vax-Scene shills and their naked regret clumsily disguised as feverish worshiping of pharmaceutical companies, white coats and gov't bureaucrats. You didn't disappoint! In the spirit of Christmas, thought you'd appreciate a little nostalgia from the jab's golden hour. Please enjoy this totally normal and not-at-all propagandist cringe from the hilarious and talented Stephen Colbert. It's the Box Set! 🤩🎁🌲😘


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I take it that means....no you won't read the words in the Dean paper and see that Anandamide is just making things up.

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Smaller base pairs, actually make things worse because they have exposed ends and can integrate anywhere just about. That argument because the enzyme digestion works even less effective. How is this moron answering any of us? Lol

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"Smaller base pairs, actually make things worse"

Not according to the posted references.

You didn't actually read them....did you?

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Dr Offit, you didn’t mention that the DNA is not naked - but rather, packaged in LNPs.

Could you also address the role of the SV40 promoter in the Pfizer contamination, which is known to be good at dragging contents into the cell nucleus?

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Dr. Peter Marks also overlooks this key point regarding the formulation of the contaminating DNA fragments into the same lipidnanoparticles. The current generation of lipidnanoparticle technology, largely created by Dr. Pieter Cullis et al of UBC (who played a much more important role that Kariko/Weissman and should have been the one tapped for the Nobel), is the most effective in vivo non-viral delivery system ever devised. Dr. Offit knows this, or he was asleep during the various FDA and CDC meetings he has participated in. Dr. Offit also overlooks that the current manufacturing system is almost identical to the one that I pioneered, but now at even larger scale. With one key difference - the use of centrifugation rather than column chromatography for the purification of the mRNA. Which is clearly less effective in separating full length mod-mRNA from the small DNA frags. Both Dr. Marks and Dr. Offit apparently have been snowed by Pfizer and Moderna, probably because of their superficial understanding of the technology.

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Dr. Offit also appears ignorant of the switch from manufacturing process #1 (performed by Aldevron, employing PCR for production of the DNA template) to process #2 (I believe Lonza) in which it appears that research grade plasmid templates were pulled off the shelf in haste, rather than specifically designing production plasmids (lacking, for example, the typical research shuttle vector SV40 ori/enhancer/promoter). One is left wondering whether Dr. Offit has the background and training to comprehend such nuances.

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"research grade plasmid templates "

That would be illegal....got any actual evidence?

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Once again, it’s published in the BMJ. Levi et al.

Looks like we need a Backhoe to spoon feed Albus the literature he’s oblivious to.

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Guess that means that you just flat out invented the reference.

Don't worry....none of your fans seem to care.....

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This reporting illustrates my point. Dr. Marks, like Dr. Offit, is either ignorant and inexperienced or is gaslighting both the Surgeon General of the State of FL as well as all of us. https://brownstone.org/articles/fda-fails-to-address-dna-adulteration-concerns/

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Dr Offit is a liar call it what it is.

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If only you had a rational thought to offer....just one....

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I do not know much about manufacturing vaccines, but I know that Covid-19 is a mortality hoax (unable to give more deaths in a year than the common influenza) and easily proven by the math-logic way, ...and it was not any task for medicals:


It should be the starting point for anything else, however the proof seems to be very difficult to medicals as requires heavy attention. But even a small part of it is the efficient proof itself:

"Even just the average number of chronic conditions confirms the main result, which number must have been considerably increased among alive ones (but not already in a terminal state) and then really killed by the virus against the comparative group of just alive ones with the same age-structure. The CDC knew there had to be a very clear correlation between Covid-19 Death Risk Ratio and the number of underlying conditions, but in the official "Deaths involving Covid-19" (DIC) group none increase in the average number was visible even after limiting the list of conditions to the conservative CCW list, what was possible only when the share of real Covid-19 deaths in the DIC group was very small or even close to Zero %. Those still alive (but not in a terminal state) at a given age, if were infected, but were not forced to die at a specific date by the virus, would die, on average, considerably later in the future, but those amongst them with high numbers of conditions would die, on average, much faster than the rest of still alive ones at this age."

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I know that no one that has passed stats 101 could fall for the obvious nonsense in your assertions.

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Easy: the vaccines are NOT contaminated.

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Dec 19, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023

So 5 separate labs falsified the results using snap gene. Got it. Do you know who Anandamide is?

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Telling us that multiple people are lying counting on folks not to understand what contaminated means....really is not a compelling argument.

Remember: selling contaminated vaccines is illegal and none of the anti-vaccs have/will sue and make this claim under oath--because it is just a lie.

Based on the postings here.....Anandamide is a remarkably scientifically illiterate business person who grifts from people that don't bother to read her/his references and see how he/her just keeps making things up.

BTW: here again is the "contamination" paper.


So far none of the vaccine critics have been willing to see what it actually says and thus how we know it is wrong.

Will you be the first?

Are you willing to be the first?

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Albus, since you believe the vaccines are not contamindated, I have a question: How much time have you spent in your lab with pipette and test equipment? Please describe your lab set up, test protocol, and test results. If you have your own data (not someone else's) to refute what other's post, please show us your own lab work.

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You have missed the point.

The entire topic is predicated on not understanding what contaminated means.

Since you ask, I have more than 30 years of experience which is why I know not to have my own protocol or to do my own testing when there are compendial results and lots of independent labs that do the testing all the time.

You know, the independent labs that all agree the vaccines are not contaminated?



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Dec 24, 2023·edited Dec 24, 2023

Nope. You're wrong. This is very simple: The "vaccines" contain stuff that was hidden from regulators and not disclosed to the public. That's called "contamination". Time will tell whether or not the contamination proves to be harmful. From personal expericence, I can say that my doctor didn't mention DNA fragments, SV 40 promoter/enhancer, or zombie proteins when he was hammering me to get the jab in early 2021. His mantra was "safe and effective". I feel completely betrayed, and likely will never trust him or the "health care agencies" ever again - just too much corruption.

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It is simple.

You have just asserted many crimes were committed.

If you honestly believe that, then sue to stop the use of the vaccines.

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Thanks. Yes, lawsuits are coming.

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Dr Malone is a serious doctor top of his field. There are many doctors in emergency, heart, and cancer tracking the after math of the COVID vaccine which was not properly tested and has caused immeasurable vaccine injury to too many. Here is an interview I did with Canadian emergency doctor who has sacrificed everything to tell the truth. https://rumble.com/v412nvl-putting-everything-on-the-line-to-fight-for-people-exclusive-w-dr.-trozzi-s.html

You cannot silence everyone with your snarky smear attacks on doctors and politicians willing to expose the truth.

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He does like to belittle colleagues, doesn't he. Not the hallmark of a first class mind.

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Thanks, that’s a useful though dated discussion with Offit, but it nicely reveals his passion, his scientific credentials, and his non-partisan independence.

…He even manages to mention your role in the culture wars too!

Thank heavens people like him exist.

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Offit is a marketeer and damage control operator for Pharmaceutical Monopolies. He has zero ethics and abrogated his duty to Do No Harm decades ago. He wants us to ignore the DNA plasmid contamination, ignore what binding to P53 means for cancer progression. He wants everyone to ignore all established science to push these products on children and pregnant women and whoever he was directed to market it towards by his handler paymasters. No different than the doctors who pushed smoking Camels or Marlboros while pregnant as a great healthy way to relax. Doctors like Offit are the same kind of hustlers.

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Nope....I think he wants people that have finished middle-school to have the basic skills to see that what you posted is just BS.

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The insults flow robotically from your lips; god forbid you step away from your fellow sheep and hear what the scientists and people outside your little herd are saying, something other than … “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!”

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As someone with several vax injuries, I echo the good Dr. Kimber's sentiments. GFY. 17 million excess deaths that are so tightly correlated with vax injections aren't hard to understand. I know statistics and time series analysis and the data is terrifying. The folks trying to blame it on COVID have no case. And there is no other explanation. What's your excuse for the tsunami of excess deaths?

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Which “scientists”? The WHORES who lead your herd or the ethical and brilliant ones that managed to find survival outside the gutter through their brilliance & can speak out about corporate malfeasance and scientific fraud?

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Hi Dr. Malone, would you like to come on my Stand on Guard podcast, at your convenience, to talk about current issues and where things are at with the COVID vaccine and anything you want to talk about? My YouTube Channel is here, https://www.youtube.com/@KraydensRightwithDavidKrayden and for Dr. Trozzi we did intro on Twitter, YT, and FB and pushed everyone to Rumble for the majority of the interview. If you are interested email me; davidkrayden@hotmail.com I would likely also feature your comments in an article for The Post Millennial which I report for.

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Dr. Offit. There are a number of errors and omissions in your post.

The omissions: You omitted the important fact that the plasmids also contain code for SV-40 promoters and enhancers.

The errors. 1. As documented by Dr. Kevin McKernan, there are very significant amounts of DNA contamination in the vaccine vials. You keep referring to them as "small quantities of DNA" and "trace amounts of DNA", which are "cpmpletely and utterly harmless".

2. You say the excess DNA was filtered out in the process of making the RNA to be included in the vaccines. Again, refer to Kevin McKernan's work. He sequenced the vials and found DNA in abundance,

3. You claim "It is virtually impossible for foreign DNA to enter the nucleus of a cell that is not dividing" Even when there are SV-40 promoters and enhancers in the mix? Numerous papers contradict you on this.

You have not responded to my debate challenge re: the origin of SARS-2 (you claim it got into the human population through natural zoonotic spillover) and your claim that 1.2 million people died in the US from Covid.

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You mean this study?


Besides the gross analytical errors.....they clearly explain right in the paper the data is wrong.....

Once again you prove yourself not to be a competent scientist....and it is really strange that you couldn't read the words or do the math.....

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50% of peer reviewed papers can’t be replicated.

That preprint has been replicated in over 5 labs around the world.






Engel ….

Replication trumps your spell checker.

As a result the FDA, the EMA and Health Canada have confirmed these undisclosed SV40 sequences DO EXIST in the Pfizer vaccine.

You can also spell check their press releases if it helps you cope.

Note- they have never put their methods public in any preprint or manner in which they can be replicated.

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Come on admit it.

You just can't understand the basics of the study!

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Still working on reading the words in the pre-print?

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Yes....all biologics have residual DNA in them.....there is literally decades of data establishing their safety.

The entire sv40 story is just BS....which is why no country is withdrawing the vaccines.

Tell us that multiple anti-vaccs are pulling the same scam is really not compelling.

"they clearly explain right in the paper the data is wrong....."

How could you miss this simple fact?

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Millions of doses have been given so it must be safe to transfect cells with foreign DNA fragments? Is this what you’re saying? Meanwhile, young people are dying at unprecedented rates and cancer is through the roof, “puzzling” all the damage control Pharma Pimps currently blaming everything but the mandated product that was forced on populations when the increases in deaths began, and, Pfizer stock is tanking. The FDA may be captured by the very industry it’s supposed to be regulating but enough people are wide awake and CDC/ FDA credibility is in the toilet where it belongs. The Liars for Hire will be exposed. There is no turning back from here.

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I am exactly saying that if you stop with the inflammatory language and listen to actual qualified scientists....you will learn how the anti-vaccs lie about ~everything.

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See Ph. 2 of Health Canada Emails for admission of presence of SV40 promotor and Pfizer’s obfuscation of its use in data presented to them prior to approval.


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"See Ph. 2 of Health Canada Emails for admission of presence of SV40 promotor "

Of course it is there.....everyone that has ever taken molecular biology 101 could have told they would find these sequence before doing the work.

Just like they are found in all the other biologics manufactured with a plasmid that have been injected billions of times.....there is no safety concern here.

"Pfizer’s obfuscation of its use in data presented to them prior to approval."

That is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

The plasmid is a raw material used in manufacturing. They provided a perfectly acceptable map and everyone involved at every step new the sv40 sequences were there---it wouldn't work otherwise.

There is nothing at all of substance to the entire story.

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Pathetic article Paul Offit.

Alexander Howse and Dr Robert Malone mention Endotoxin in the jabs.

See his paper from 1996 on Endotoxin Contamination of DNA.


You personally actively suppress all measurements of this supertoxin jabbed into the arms of billions.

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Selling vaccines contaminated with endotoxin is illegal.

But no anti-vacc will sue....and then make that claim under oath because the vaccines are not contaminated with endotoxin.

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Regarding the snarky character assassination repeatedly practiced by Dr. Offit and directed towards myself, who he has never met and apparently also never reviewed my actual CV, these are the words and strategies of a propagandist, not a serious academic full professor and endowed chair. I am constantly amazed that CHOP tolerates his lack of professionalism.

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This propaganda piece is actually the same as I've seen around the place from people like Dan Wilson. An abject apology for the disaster that is plasmid contamination and with obvious signs that it was ghost written by pharma.

So the big question is... Did Paul Offit write this article or did someone else? And why did he delete his twitter account so soon after?

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So, For the benefit of Dr. Offit and his fellow character assassins, here is the current CV:

The original inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccination technologies (1989, with nine issued patents) as well as in-vitro and in-vivo RNA transfection and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA delivery technologies (mRNA as a drug).

Dr. Malone is a scientist and physician, who specializes in clinical research, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, project management, proposal management (large grants and contracts), vaccines and biodefense. This includes writing, developing, reviewing and managing vaccine, bio-threat and biologics clinical trials and clinical development strategies. He has been involved in developing, designing, and providing oversight of approximately forty phase 1 clinical trials and twenty phase 2 clinical trials, as well as five phase 3 clinical trials. He has served as medical director/medical monitor on both phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trials, including those run at well-known vaccine-focused Clinical Contract Research Organizations. He has served as principal investigator on some of these. Examples of his infectious disease pathogen advanced development (clinical phase) oversight experience include HIV, Influenza (seasonal and pandemic), Plague, Anthrax, VEE/EEE/WEE, Tularemia, Tuberculosis, Ebola, Zika, Ricin toxin, Botulinum toxin, and Engineered pathogens. In many cases, this experience has included vaccine product development, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and testing (manufacturing release and clinical) aspects. In most cases, his oversight responsibilities have included clinical trial design, regulatory and ethical compliance, and laboratory assay strategy, design, testing and performance.

Dr. Malone has a history of assembling and managing expert teams that focus on solving complicated biodefense challenges to meet US Government requirements. He was instrumental in enabling the PHAC/rVSV ZEBOV (“Merck Ebola”) vaccine to move forward quickly towards BLA and (now recently granted) licensure.

Dr. Malone led a large team from January 10, 2020 to March 2022, focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for COVID-19 treatment. This work has included multiple manuscripts summarizing most recent findings relating to famotidine and overall insights into the mechanism of COVID-19 disease.

Scientifically trained at UC Davis, UC San Diego, and at the Salk Institute Molecular Biology and Virology laboratories, Dr. Malone received his medical training at Northwestern University (MD) and Harvard University (Clinical Research Post Graduate Fellowship) medical schools, and in Pathology at UC Davis.

He has extensive research and development experience (bench to bedside) in the areas of pre-clinical discovery research, clinical trials, vaccines, gene therapy, bio-defense, repurposing drugs for infectious diseases, high throughput screening and immunology. He has over twenty years of management and leadership experience in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as in governmental and non-governmental organizations. He often serves as study section chairperson for NIAID contract study sections relating to biodefense medical product development. He was a topic editor for the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, in the area of “Treating COVID-19 With Currently Available Drugs.”

Dr. Malone has approximately 100 peer-reviewed publications and published abstracts and has about 14,000 citations of his peer reviewed publications and patents, as verified by Google Scholar. His google scholar ranking is “outstanding” for impact factors. He has been an invited speaker at 100+ scientific conferences, has chaired numerous conferences and he has sat on or served as chairperson on numerous NIAID and DoD study sections.

Domestically, Dr. Malone has testified at the US Senate (2x), the Texas State Senate, the Tennessee State Senate, and the Louisiana State Senate.

Dr. Malone has also spoken at the European Parliament (May, 2023), the Italian Senate in Rome (2021) and in the Mexican Senate (2023). Planned during winter 2023 is also testimony to the Romanian legislature, Croatian legislature, and the British Parliament. Dr. Malone informally supports congress people and the senators in various, ongoing investigations and has had a consultation with a senior official at the Vatican (2021).

Dr. Malone has been featured on many TV shows and podcasts, including Joe Rogan (after which Dr Malone’s episode was the #1 podcast in the world and about a 100 million listeners for this single podcast), Fox News with Tucker Carlson, the War Room with Steve Bannon, Mercola, Glen Beck, Laura Ingraham, Epoch Times, News Max, OAN, Candice Owens, The American Thinker, The High Wire with Del Bigtree, Lou Dobbs, The Dark Horse Studio and dozens more. Please search Spotify or Apple Podcasts (“Robert Malone”) for listings. Dr. Malone has been featured in a number of full-length documentaries. His editorials have been published in the Washington Times, Trial Site News, The Brownstone Institute, and The American Thinker and his work has been featured on Real Clear Politics. Most recently he has presented at the Salt and Light Conference, CPAC, the Heritage Foundation, the Congressional Wife’s Club, Freedom Fest, Council on National Policy, many health summits and was a keynote speaker at the John Birch Society national conference, amongst many other speaking engagements.

Dr. Malone’s Substack is written almost daily and via direct email reaches 315,000 subscribers. The daily readership of his Substack averages three quarters of a million people. These articles are often picked up by aggregator news sites.

His bestselling book Lies my Government Told Me and the Better Future Coming, was published in English 2022, and Norwegian, Dutch, French and German versions will be published over the next three months.

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• Inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccination as well as mRNA as a drug, with nine issued patents – priority date 1989.

• Inventor of lipid mediated and naked mRNA delivery (transfection).

• Inventor of in-vivo electroporation technologies (particularly for skin delivery).

• A senior executive and scientist with a highly successful track record of leading bench and discovery research through FDA Phase I, II, and III clinical trials, protocol development and submission, and related regulatory submissions including pIND and IND.

• Significant expertise in drug development and delivery.

• Specialist in Medical Affairs and Regulatory Affairs.

• Domestically trained, Maryland Licensed Physician/Scientist.

• Experienced capturing and managing large federal contracts (including BARDA) with over 9 billion in ID/IQ awards and almost a billion USD in government contracts won and/or managed in the last decade.

• Expertise in pathology, infectious disease, pandemic clinical trials, influenza, regulatory affairs, project management, biodefense, HIV and Ebola. A verified list of capture is available upon request.

• Significant expertise with federal contracting, grants, international NGO health related research and development coupled with professional relationships at CDC, DoD, HHS (BARDA, CDC, FDA and NIAID).

• Prior and current service on many federal study sections and oversight boards involving infectious disease, vaccine, and biodefense.

• Experienced business development professional, project manager, capture/proposal manager, color team reviewer and editor for projects valued from 10M$ up to 1B$ US.

• Highly skilled in fostering a culture of innovative problem solving within project teams.

• DoD Secret Clearance authorized.

• Expert witness experience, with extensive training from some of the top attorneys/law firms in the USA.

• Rated outstanding for impact factors (with a ranking of full professor), by Google scholar.

• Graduated from the Harvard Medical School Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program with distinction, a year-long program focused on international clinical research. Experienced in TV, media and podcaster.

• Experienced journalist and thought leader, with 750,000 daily readers of his daily news and opinion articles (rwmalonemd.substack.com).

• His published articles have almost 14,000 citations and his Google Scholar i19 Index ranks him as an “outstanding” full professor.

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RW Malone MD, LLC

CEO and Principal Consultant: 2001-Present

Dr. Malone has been involved in developing, designing, and providing oversight of approximately forty phase-1 clinical trials and twenty phase-2 clinical trials, as well as five phase 3 clinical trials. He has served as medical director/medical monitor on approximately forty phase-1 clinical trials, and on twenty phase-2 clinical trials, including those run at vaccine-focused Clinical Research Organizations. He has served as principal investigator on some of these. Providing business development, proposal management, clinical trials development, expert witness, regulatory and medical affairs support for pharmaceutical, vaccines-related and biologics companies as well as related regulatory submissions including pIND and IND.

The consulting aspect of this company ended in 2021. The focus is now on independent writing projects, speaking engagements and podcasting.

Owner and writer of the “Who is Robert Malone” Substack: RWMaloneMD.substack.com The rwmalonemd.substack.com has a subscriber base of 315,000 and a daily total readership of 700,000. He Currently has approximately 2M Social media followers across “X”, GETTR, Truth Social, and GAB.

RW Malone MD, LLC Past Projects include:


• Chief Medical and Regulatory Officer for the Unity Project. October 2021 to present.

• Led a large team since January 10, 2020, focused on drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action for COVID-19 and is now preparing a manuscript summarizing most recent findings relating to famotidine and overall insights into the mechanism of COVID-19 disease.

• Accelerated COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines:

ACTIV Therapeutics Clinical Working Group for repurposed drugs, NIH. Invited non-voting Participant. From June 2020 to Jan 2022.

• Clinical trials protocol development: Developed and wrote initial clinical trial design: A Single Center, Randomized, Double Blinded Controlled Crossover Observational Outpatient Trial of the Safety and Efficacy of Oral Famotidine for the Treatment of COVID-19 in Non-Hospitalized Symptomatic Adults.

• Proposed is a DOMANE/WRAIR joint development and performance of outpatient clinical trial designed to test new monitoring and data capture technology while using COVID19 and repurposed drugs as a live-fire example.

• Opening IND for famotidine use for treatment and prevention of COVID19 disease with associated drug master file.

• Principal Regulatory Consultant, Clinical Network Services (CNS)/Novotech, 2018-2019. Regulatory, clinical and business development support.

• Served as an expert witness with specialized training, 2017 - present.

• Ebola vaccine project for NewLink/Bioprotection Systems (rVSVdG ZEBOV Ebola vaccine project), resulting in well over 100M USD non-dilutive capital to NL/BPS. This also included working with the World Health Organization as well as initial set up of the licensing deal to Merck Vaccines of the Ebola vaccine.

• Served as Medical Director, Beardsworth, half time position on retainer, 2010 – 2013.

• Service on federal biotechnology/vaccines proposal study sections (multiple).

• Served as Editor-In-Chief of Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines 2007-2012

• Service on Safety Monitoring Committee, Phase 1 safety/immunogenicity of novel Influenza vaccine

• Consulting support for multiple vaccine-focused clinical sites in US and Latin America.

• Served as Medical Director, Vaccines with Accelovance, Inc. (2008 – 2009).

• Served as medical monitor for multiple seasonal and pandemic (H1N1) studies.

• Review and edit clinical protocols.

• Examples of multi-year contract clients include Accelovance, Alchem Laboratories, Avancer, Beardsworth, Chesapeake Perl, Corium, DOAR, ITS, ITT-Exelis, EpiVax, Jean Brown Research, Opgen, Quest Diagnostics (Focus), PaxVax, SAI, Soligenix, TASC, Univ of MA.

• Commercial intelligence work for two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (sub-contractor).

• Partnering with Galloway and Associates (Darrell Galloway) 2012-2014.

• Acting as Managing Director, Clinical Development and Government Affairs for the Avancer Group. April 2012 – 2016.

• Proposal development (patch-based vaccine delivery, Tularemia vaccine, CDC contract for clinical trials site development, international government and NGO contract and grant solicitations) – Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation 2003-2005.

• Proposal development (plague vaccine- HHS), Technical diligence – VaxGen Corporation.

• Consulting services for EpiVax, 2005-2018 (member, Scientific Advisory Board), 2020.

• Consulting services for Aldevron, LLC.

2001-2005 (operating as Gene Delivery Alliance).

• Business and proposal development in the areas of Bioinformatics and Life Sciences (including telemedicine) and research at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

• Consulting services for Molecular Histology, Inc. with the title of Medical Director.

• Collaboration with Inovio (DNA vaccines), including incorporation of company in the USA.

• Consulting services for MSD, Inc. for business/ technology development planning.

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• HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Global Clinical Scholars Research Training Program (fellowship)

A year-long comprehensive program that combines on-site (London, Boston) and distance learning, with an average of 15h per week lecture and practicum exercises. 2015-2016. Graduation with distinction (top 5% of graduating class).


Postgraduate Fellowship Award


Clinical Pathology Internship


Doctor of Medicine


Master of Science, Biology


Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry

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• Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow 2021-present.

• Harvard Medical School Alumni, 2016- present.

• American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Member (ASTMH): 2016-2018.

• Virginia Bio: 2016-2018

• IEEE Genomics and Bioinformatics Working Group Member: 2002

• Northern Virginia Technology Council BioMedTech Committee: Co-chair: 2002 – 2003

• Intradigm, Corp. – a new start-up from Novartis, Inc.: Scientific Advisory Board: 2000 – 2001

• Novartis, Inc. (GTI/Systemix & Pharmacokinetics): Scientific Advisory Board and External Portfolio Reviewer: 1999 – 2001

• University of Maryland, Medical School: Pathology Education Policy Committee: 1999 – 2000

• UC Davis:

• Education Policy Committee Graduate Group in Comparative Pathology: 1996 – 1/1997

• Member, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Group: 1993 – 1/1997

• Member, Comparative Pathology Graduate Group: 1995 – 1/1997

• Boehringer Mannheim: Scientific Advisory Board: 1992 – 1993


• Topic Editor, Frontiers in Pharmacology (Respiratory Pharmacology): “Treating COVID-19 with Currently Available Drugs,” 2020-2021.

• Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Immune Based Therapies and Vaccines. 2009 – 2012, Editor: 2012.

• Gene Therapy/Molecular Biology International Society. 1997 – 2014.

• Reviewer for: Numerous peer-reviewed journals on infectious disease, public health 2016 to present.

• Nucleic Acids Research: 2001 – 2002.

• Molecular Therapy: 1999 – 2001.

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(Only the most recent events listed)

• Vaccines R&D, 2021. Keynote Speaker. September, 2021

• International Covid-19 Summit, Keynote speaker and chair. Rome, Italy, September, 2021

• Vaccines R&D, 2019. Keynote Speaker, Panel Moderator: Boston, MA. 18-20 November, 2019.

• Repurposing drugs for Infectious Disease Outbreaks. International Conference on Zika Virus. Washington, DC Feb 22-25, 2017 (Chairperson)

• Accelerated Discovery and Development of re-purposed licensed drugs for Zika virus outbreak antiviral prophylaxis and therapy. International Conference on Zika Virus. Washington, DC Feb 22-25, 2017. (Oral Presentation)

• Zika Virus: Accelerating Development of Medical Countermeasures by Re-purposing Licensed Drugs. Bridging the Sciences: Zika Virus. Emery, Atlanta, GA 1-3 May, 2016. (Oral Presentation)

• Speaker/Round table- Zika virus: Challenges for Medical Countermeasure Development. World Vaccine Conference. Washington, DC. 29-31 March, 2016.

• The World Health Organization (WHO) Consultation for Zika Virus: Research and Development. Presentation of Drug Development TPP. Geneva, Switzerland. 12-14 March, 2016. (Oral Presentation)

• Keynote Speaker: Ebola Vaccine in 12 months, Global Village, and the Need for Speed. Vaccines R&D, Baltimore, MD. 2-4 November, 2015. (Keynote Speaker)

• Current USG contracting Opportunities and Initiatives from the point of View of Vaccine Developers. World Vaccine Conference, Washington, DC. 24-26 March, 2014. (Oral Presentation)

• World Vaccine Conference, Washington, DC. 24-26 March, 2014 Preclinical and Clinical Vaccine Research. (Session Chair)

• PHEMCE Modeling Workshop “Operational Decision Making using Innovative Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization Tools”, Sponsored by Deloitte. 2013 (Conference Co-Organizer and Coordinator/Oral Presentation)

• "Vaccine Production Strategies: Ensuring Alignment and Sustainability" The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines. Geneva, Switzerland. 12-14 July 2011 (Oral Presentation)

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Are you spamming now?

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Dec 20, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023

Nice bit of peacocking, Dr Malone.

We can all marvel at your modesty, at least.

One claim I decided to verify…”Dr. Malone has also spoken at the European Parliament (May, 2023)”

…turns out this was not a meeting of the European Assembly itself as one might imagine, but at a privately arranged meeting held in one of the rooms on the European Parliament campus, cohosted with 5 right wing conservative MEPs.

But “at the European Parliament” has a nice ring to it I suppose. I once sang some songs as friends and I walked down Westminster Bridge and past the Houses of Parliament at 2am one day in my more youthful days.

Can I now I say I once gave a concert to the British Parliament?

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That was rich!

"The original inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccination technologies (1989, with nine issued patents)"

Actually, lots of folks were working on different technologies for nucleic acid vaccines.....and you were the co-inventor of some of the early attempts.



And yet somehow in your many, many postings.....

....you seem to have failed to mention that none of the technologies you collaborated on actually worked!

So all you invented were failures.


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Who says they work now?

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Dec 20, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023

Ah, you mean the vaccines don’t produce any spike proteins? That should cause you to have a collective sigh of relief!

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Your "they" refers to what?

Malone's technology? No one says they work because they don't!

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A general observation for those just digging into this thread.

There are people on this thread that have their reputation at stake.

There others having a complete meltdown tossing anti-vax slurs around who are anonymous and demanding/challenging the credentials of those non-anon scientists raising concerns. This asymmetry should not go unnoticed.

Choose wisely who you listen to as those with zero reputational risk pay no price for being wrong.

You will note that despite over 250 comments on this thread from the scientists that Paul Offit ridicules, Paul Offit has yet to step into the conversation to defend his work.

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"Paul Offit has yet to step into the conversation to defend his work."

Dr. Offit doesn't engage in the comments section. All you had to do was to look at comments section from his previous postings.

Strange that such an "esteemed scientist" as yourself could have missed such a simple fact......

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Dr. Paul Offit behaves and communicates like a vaccine industry propagandist, not like a serious academic endowed full professor. His repeated snarky character assassination should alert his Dean to his lack of professional decorum on social media. Why is this person relied upon by FDA and CDC? https://pauloffit.substack.com/p/vaccine-safetyby-marjorie-taylor-b36

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Dec 19, 2023·edited Dec 19, 2023

You say that Dr. Offit is engaging in "repeated snarky character assassination." This is a false statement. What is your basis for this false accusation? If there is any "repeated snarky character assassination" being posted here, you are the one doing it.

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you must not have seen his video with P Diddy?

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"Defamation by omission"? That is, at best, a problematic concept. Would you care to use a term other than "defamation"?

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Thank you for your reply. I have not seen this video but will watch it later. I was referring in my previous post *only* to what Dr. Offit had said in his post yesterday, where he refers to you in what I hope you'd agree is a respectful manner.

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In addition to school yard bullying tactics, Offit practices defamation by omission.

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Courage is contagious. Please find some Dr. Offit.

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There were years when Dr. Offit had to have security with him in public due to the countless death threats against him and his family.

Strangely....I couldn't find one single anti-vacc with the integrity to condemn the threats...

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If you’re involved in a racket that forces poison into children, don’t come crying for sympathy when injured parents push back.

If you use the force of government and liability shields, you leave no legal course for justice.

Strangely , I’ve not seen one single jab jihadists with integrity to condemn the forced injection of children.

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And if you have a middle-school education it is easy to figure out that there are NO poisons in vaccines.

Strange....you didn't provide any example of children being forced to be....and your basic logic error is staggering.......

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Each comment from you is more ridiculous than the last.

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Ignore Albus it’s a paid troll working for the cia

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You are just mad because you can't offer anything that is a really stupid lie.

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And yet you couldn't list one poison in a vaccine.

Seems your only strategy is to try and deflect away from the anti-vacc lies.

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Wonder why people would be so angry with the guy.

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That is easy to explain.

Anti-vacc liars filled the heads of fools with a bunch of BS.

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I don’t think you can accuse Offit of lacking courage.

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I can and I did.

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Fair enough.

No sane, moral person could.

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Courage would be honesty that gets him in trouble with his paymasters.

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There you go....just making things up.

Thanks for acknowledging you don't actually have anything rational to offer.

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I would note Dr Malone's positions are well supported with data, facts, studies and are echoed and supported by fellow experts around the world. Analyses demonstrate increased all cause mortality when "vaccines" were deployed. More importantly it is now well established that early treatment with affordable and effective repurposed drugs would have saved lives and avoided enormous physical and economic harms. That this was not immediately and exclusively pursued damns the Public Health actions! What US and other world governments instead delivered has been gaslighting, psyops, physical harms, deaths and devastation. Maybe it would be helpful for you to go back and further review the outcomes of the Government directed 'solutions '

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I simply note that Dr Malone has systematically and grossly misrepresented the basic science, that it is just basic math to understand the all-cause mortality....and we are lucky that folks have gone back and checked actual patient records and the repurposed drugs are just flat out fraud based on fabricated data.

The sad part is some folks would rather use inflammatory language instead of using their basic reading and counting skills to see that the anti-vaccs lie about ~everything.

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You seem desperate to act like it’s all already figured out when people begin to raise questions about what they’re finding.

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I have posted a number of examples where all it takes is basic reading skills to see that what Malone says is NOT true.

It entirely reflects your integrity if you don't care to even look.

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I have been reading and studying the available information for over two years now. I have been reviewing the available data on fragments and frame shifting. You are welcome to your conclusions. I am welcome to and confident about mine. I have had Covid so I personally am familiar with the disease.

I personally will pursue medication should I have it again. I/we are not against any 'vaccine' that is actually an appropriate course of action providing it is proven to be 'Safe and Effective.' These 'vaccines' have established neither.

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"I am welcome to and confident about mine." Clearly so!

So just like you won't look and see how the repurposed drugs is gross and obvious fraud....

You won't invest a minute and see how the frameshifting is a fact and irrelevant to the safety/efficacy of the vaccines.....and you won't look at the world-wide experience demonstrating that the vaccines are safe and effective.....and you won't provide any data to the contrary.


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I welcome your offering data, studies, discussions supporting your positions if you feel this is a meaningful exercise in this venue.

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Dr. Offit is quite aged, and has apparently not kept up with modern molecular and cellular biology research. One wonders if, like Dr. Marks, he never did any research involving non-viral gene transfer (transfection). His snarky academic attitude overlooks that many of us have worked in both academia and industry, and in industry one is often focused on publishing patents, not papers.


1. Lipid-mediated polynucleotide administration to deliver a biologically active peptide and to induce a cellular immune response (includes mRNA vaccination). Assigned to Vical, Inc and licensed to Merck. No. 7,250,404, date of issue: 7/31/07. Priority date 3/21/1989.

2. Lipid-mediated polynucleotide administration to reduce likelihood of subject's becoming infected (includes mRNA vaccination).. Assigned to Vical, Inc and licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 6,867,195 B1, date of issue: 3/15/05. Priority date 3/21/1989.

3. Generation of an immune response to a pathogen (includes mRNA vaccination). Assigned to Vical, Inc and licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 6,710,035, date of issue: 3/23/04. Priority date 3/21/1989.

4. Expression of exogenous polynucleotide sequences in a vertebrate, mammal, fish, bird or human (includes mRNA vaccination). Assigned to Vical, Inc, licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 6,673,776, date of issue: 1/6/04. Priority date 3/21/1989.

5. Methods of delivering a physiologically active polypeptide to a mammal (includes mRNA vaccination). Assigned to Vical, Inc, licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 6,413,942, date of issue: 7/2/02. Priority date 3/21/1989.

6. Induction of a protective immune response in a mammal by injecting a DNA sequence (includes mRNA). Assigned to Vical, Inc, licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 6,214,804, date of issue: 4/10/01. Priority date 3/21/1989.

7. DNA vaccines for eliciting a mucosal immune response (includes mRNA). US Pat. Ser. No. 6,110,898, date of issue: 8/29/00. Priority date 1996.

8. Formulations and methods for generating active cytofectin: polynucleotide transfection complexes. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,925,623 7/20/99.

9. Cationic Transport Reagents. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,892,071 issued 4/06/99.

10. Polyfunctional cationic cytofectins, formulations and methods for generating active cytofectin: polynucleotide transfection complexes. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,824,812 issued 10/20/98.

11. Cationic Transport Reagents. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,744,625 issued 4/28/98.

12. Generation of antibodies through lipid mediated DNA delivery. Assigned to Vical, Inc, licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,703,055, date of issue: 12/30/97. Priority date 3/21/1989.

13. Induction of a protective immune response in a mammal by injecting a DNA sequence (includes mRNA). Assigned to Vical, Inc, licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,589,466, date of issue: 12/31/96. Priority date 3/21/1989.

14. Delivery of exogenous DNA sequences in a mammal (includes mRNA). Assigned to Vical, Inc, licensed to Merck. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,580,859, date of issue: 12/3/96. Priority date 3/21/1989.

15. Cationic Transport Reagents. US Pat. Ser. No. 5,527,928, date of issue: 6/18/96.

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One of your worst nightmares is about to become painfully real.

Independent labs across the world are measuring Endotoxin in the jabs.

Hang your head in shame.


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Oh dear....and the water you drink has endotoxin in it and every single biologic ever administered has endotoxin.

And every country will reject the endotoxin criticism because it is just plain silly.

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You do not inject water with endotoxin. Idiot. Endotoxin triggers endotoxic shock, one of the most common short term adverse events of the mod-mRNA jabs.

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Ignore Albus it’s a paid troll.

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You are just embarrassed because Malone is caught posting BS that insults the average 3rd grader.....so he is just your kind of guy.

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Dec 20, 2023·edited Dec 20, 2023

You don’t know what clinical endotoxic shock is, do you Dr Malone?

It certainly isn’t one of the “most common” adverse events caused by mRNA vaccines, nor does it result just from having detectable endotoxin. Have vaccines now become some bogey man for every human illness on record?

It has a specific definition, being triggered primarily by LPS (endotoxin) from GNB either as part of a bacteraemia or from significant translocation of GNB products from the gut, resulting in a fulminant serious inflammatory cascade producing the features of severe sepsis and multiple organ failure.

It is certainly not a side effect of mRNA vaccines.

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The vaccines are replicated in gram negative bacteria.

If we can find plasmid DNA contaminating the vaccines, I guarantee you I can find LPS.

The questions remain regarding how LAL assays are inhibited by LNPs and how much LPS can we tolerate knowing the spike protein exacerbates the problem.

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"The vaccines are replicated in gram negative bacteria."

No they are NOT!

The vaccines are not replicated in anything at all.

They are in vitro synthesized (steps 9-14) in the link below.

Please don't worry, none of your fans will care that you again prove yourself amazingly scientifically illiterate and are caught again just making things up.


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The vaccines are cloned into plasmids that are grown in E.coli:

Everyone knows this but you.

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And all the thousands (millions?) of cases of severe sepsis or gm negative septicaemias that should follow within 2 weeks of vaccination would be where, exactly?

There’s just no “there” there.

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There are many cases captured on camera of people dropping right after vaccination.

Injected LPS will do exactly that.

The batch to batch variance documented by Schmelling et al implies you should not be looking for uniform distribution of the adverse events that your fallacy suggests.

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Yes....anti-vaccs are all pretty much the same.

You have name-calling....

But you clearly just don't understand analytical testing 101.

And you didn't have the integrity to bother to look.

Water for Injection....you know the water is injected into people!

May have up 0.25 IU of endotoxin per ml.

For example:


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Does water contain a spike protein that exacerbates endotoxin cytokine storms?

Is this another paper we need to spoon feed Albus:)

When will the spoon feeding ever end?


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Wow! Covid is definitely something you want to avoid then if it exacerbates endotoxin cytokine storms! All those viruses, densely coated with spike, churning out in their billions every day during productive Covid infections (which can last for weeks, and sometimes even months or years)!

Gosh, my knees are all a-trembly.

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C19 rarely enters the blood stream. The vaccine enters for every patient via injection. There are 40T modRNAs that bypass the mucosal defenses and are systemically distributed.

The virus is constrained to mostly ACE2 expressing tissues in the mucosa.

The modRNA has 19 quadruplex Gs that also bind endotoxin.

These are not the same thing.


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This thread was about how Malone was making incorrect assertions predicated on folks being scientifically illiterate and unable to read or count.

You changed the topic....but some things don't change!

Don't worry....I am sure your fans will not care about your errors:

1. Your link is NOT about cytokine storms--basic reading error.

2. You missed/didn't understand the quantities...e.g. micrograms of LPS--basic counting error

3. You missed/don't understand basic immunology--a basic science error.

You should remind yourself what happens to the expressed Spike protein....Figure 1 might help you....


Bottom line: you have gross misrepresented your reference.

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No one made you the moderator of this thread.

Try CTRL F- Cytokines.

Try Google. There are many papers on spike and endotoxin interactions which you were clearly clueless about until just a day ago.

Your other points are just anon bot biobabble.

Be specific. It’s easy to claim anyone ‘doesn’t understand basic x’ while providing zero evidence.

This is classic anon hired bot smoke grenades.

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DNA fragments that even the Moderna patent claims are oncogenic are not going to help your very lucrative grift. Soon, this will make your job as a Pharma marketeer much harder than it has been your entire career. Have fun with that.

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And yet you didn't post the patent that made that claim......

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